Our Primary Class Room




Our school follows the principles of a child-centered education developed by Dr Maria Montessori.  An important element in the Montessori philosophy is to view  children as unique human beings.  The view evolved over time as children grows in the “prepared environment” of Montessori classrooms.  The Montessori system of education is child-centred and teacher facilitated. The needs of the child are paramount.


The Prepared Environment

Our  classrooms are carefully prepared and ordered learning environments, organized to meet the needs of children at different stages of development.

The children pass through periods of acute interest in specific aspects of the physical and social environment called  the ‘Sensitive Periods.’ The  classrooms with a range of distinctive, concrete materials equipped to respond to each child’s particular sensitive periods.  These materials spark and hold children’s interest and lead them comparatively effortlessly to educational knowledge.



The Montessori Method and materials develop within the child the ability to work independently and collaboratively in order to fulfill their individual potential.  The child has the opportunity to develop qualities of self esteem, independence, self reliance and self discipline, and to build the skills of concentration, research and orderly work patterns.  Social awareness and responsibility are also fostered in children who are educated in the Montessori Method. The environment promotes respect for self and others, awareness and consideration for the needs of fellow human beings, developing the child intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  The Montessori Method is unique in that it allows the educators to treat each child as an individual.